Frequently Asked Questions

What is our purpose?

We established Terra Center to provide an online cornucopia for impartial and professional news related to foreign affairs, and in the process, to allow American denizens to have a better grasp of the seemingly trivial, yet ever changing world around them.

Why can you trust us?

Above all else, Terra Center’s main objective is objectivity. Our code of conduct includes a strict zero-tolerance policy for plagiarism, intellectual property theft, or fabrication of information. Additionally, prior to publication, all articles are screened for factual veracity, both on the part of our own contributors and the sources they use. While we provide a platform for fact-guided arguments, we do not condone entirely subjective or agenda-based articles for publication.

Who is our target audience?

While we’re open to and encourage all who are interested to read our articles, we primarily aim to inform students participating in Model United Nations who want to broaden their knowledge of politics, economics and other recent developments not only regarding a specific region or nation, but for the globe as a whole.

What are our credentials?

Needless to say, our experience and expertise is undeniably limited by our youth; nevertheless, the diversity of sources we use – which range from university presses to government agencies – are consistently accurate and our scrutiny of information from them is exhaustive in nature.

Why are our articles concise?

We believe that our articles should not be complex and unnecessarily long, but more focused on providing readers of all knowledge levels with general information regarding specific topics related to foreign affairs.