Matthew Mapa


Matthew "Mapa" Mapa is currently a senior living in Maitland, Florida. Raised with an early passion for writing and current events, Mapa signed up for his school's Intro to Journalism class in 8th grade, and the very next year joined the school newspaper as a freshman. This interest, combined with his experiences learning more about politics and economics through high school debate, inspired Mapa to use his platform to educate his peers on these issues through infographics in the newspaper. As a layout editor during his junior year, Mapa covered a variety of issues, including religious conflict across the globe and Central Florida's overreliance on tourism. Today, outside of Terra Center, Mapa serves as his forensics team's debate captain and one of the Editor-in-Chiefs of his school newspaper, and has even started his own video series called Let's Talk Local, where he interviews local politicians running in the general election.